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ZENITH - Analysis


A View as from the

Celestial Sphere

01022021_Zenith Application Vessel Risk
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Vessel Risk Profiling Company Scorecards

Solverminds' ZENITH Platform offers Ship Management Companies, Charterers, Ship Owners and Asset Manager an ability to identify ship performance, risks and statistics accurately thus facilitating better-informed management teams' decisions.

Integrating data from different applications within a company's digital ecosystem or even external sources makes Zenith flexible and dynamic. 

EDI Management and Validation Rules for Accuracy and Governance are provided


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API Based as well as manual data uploading functionality

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Dynamic KPI and Measurement criteria

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Vessel Risk Profiling

Balanced Scorecard

KPI Reporting


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Enhanced information access,

Collaboration and action tracking

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Improved Compliance Issue Management (ISM, TMSA, Class,

PSC, flag state)

Solverminds developed Vessel Balanced Scorecard (VBS) for Teekay to understand people's 360 deg performance, process, assets, and environment.


In 2017, Teekay Tankers implemented the VBS to transform the way vessels quantify their performance on board.

- Connect with Multiple Data Sources

- Single Dashboard to View KPI results

- Predictive Analytics

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