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Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

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Marine AR & VR Training Solutions

Solverminds provide Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Training Solutions for the Maritime Industry. Solutions are developed bespoke for onboard and shore-based training which include and are not be limited to operating instructions, safety procedures, maintenance, repair and troubleshooting. ​


We have developed Enclosed Space Entry, Hot Work and Scrubber training solutions for some reputed ship management companies.

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Training Content

Training Content

Training Content
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Remote Demo - Enclosed Space Entry Training

Remote Demo - Enclosed Space Entry Training

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Enclosed Space Augmented Reality - AR play depiction sample

Enclosed Space Augmented Reality - AR play depiction sample

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Augmented Reality Mode

AR mode allows users to interact with the 4DIOs environment and all its features in an engaging 3-Dimensional viewing experience.

Stories and Incidents

Narratives of past incidents, and accidents can be included at specified stages. Providing an objective overview to past experiences in way of lesson learnt and best practices.


Provision of detailed descriptive annotations with optional exploding views wherever instrumental.

Application Media

Incorporation of captivating media such as Human Voice Overs, Avatars and 2D models ensures that users are engaged in an experience which creates ease of comprehension as well as eradicates the aspect of human error to a high degree.

Projection Capabilities

The interface of the application has been calibrated so that it can be projected onto a large display unit, hence allowing multiple viewers to experience the application.

Tutorial Mode

Presence of an application walkthrough mode in order to cement the capabilities and usage of the application, for ease of interaction.

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