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Digital Transformation at Sea: Solverminds Implements Cutting-Edge CMS for "K" LINE Group

We're thrilled to be a part of the "K" LINE Group's digitalization journey! We're proud to be supporting them in achieving this major milestone of implementing their new Certification from ClassNK for Seafarer Competency Management System (CMS). This system will play a crucial role in enhancing seafarer knowledge and skills across multiple ship management companies within the "K" LINE Group, including KLSM SGP (liquefied natural gas carriers), KLNG UK (liquefied natural gas carriers), and KMSM (tankers and dry bulk carriers), ensuring continued safety and efficiency at sea.

Empowering a More Efficient and Skilled Workforce

Our CMS goes beyond just record-keeping, its a comprehensive suite of features designed to streamline competency management for both seafarers and onshore staff:

  • User, Course, Role, and Report Management: Easily manage user access, course libraries, assign roles, and generate insightful reports to track training progress.

  • Course Catalog and Calendar:  Seafarers can browse a comprehensive course catalog and access personalized training calendars to stay on top of their learning requirements.

  • Seafarer Portal:  A dedicated portal within the platform allows for seamless access to training materials, messaging, notifications, and more, all from aboard or ashore.

  • Assessments and Evaluations:  Pre- and post-testing, along with training evaluations, ensure competency is effectively measured and learning is optimized.

  • Certification Management: Track certifications, display scores, and maintain transcripts for each seafarer.

  • Data-Driven Training:  Leverage data insights to identify training gaps and tailor programs for individual and group needs.

  • SCORM Compliance:  The CMS seamlessly integrates with SCORM-compliant learning materials for a wider range of training options.

  • Flexible Learning:  Seafarers can choose from online and offline learning options to suit their preferences and schedules.

  • Competency-Based Training:  Focus on training specific individual competencies and generic skills required for different roles and ranks.

  • Career Path Training:  Prepare seafarers for future positions by providing targeted training based on qualifications and career aspirations.

  • Assessor Training:  Equip assessors with the skills and knowledge to effectively evaluate seafarer competency.

  • Compliance Training:  Ensure adherence to statutory requirements with dedicated training programs.

  • Ship-Specific Training:  Tailor training programs to specific vessel types and operational needs.

  • Appraisal-Linked Training:  Identify development areas through performance appraisals and recommend relevant training programs.

  • Crew Coordination Training:  Facilitate effective collaboration and communication among crew members through dedicated training modules.

  • Seafarer Portal Scheduling:  Seafarers can schedule training sessions, considering location, availability, and confirmation via the Seafarer Portal.

  • External Training Management:  Integrate and manage training received from external providers.

This robust CMS empowers the "K" LINE Group to take a data-driven approach to competency management, fostering a highly skilled and adaptable workforce prepared for the future of maritime operations.

From left: Mr Naoki Saito, General Manager, Maritime Technology Department, Business Development Division, ClassNK Mr Akihiro Fujimaru, Managing Executive Officer of “K” LINE and CEO of K LINE MARINE & ENERGY PTE. LTD. Capt. Takafumi Tomaru, Managing Director, KLSM SGP Capt. Rajan Mathur, General Manager, Training, Audit and Competence Management Group, KLSM SGP Capt. Ritesh Sood, Managing Director, Solverminds

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